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8:32Dunkey Sony Direct | February 25, 2021
Dunkey Sony Direct | February 25, 2021Ganger 1,5 mill14 timer siden
4:46The Shadow Organization Behind Groundhog's Day
6:19Dunkey Direct (2.18.2021)
5:52Bowser's Fury (dunkview)
5:04Going Big Mode on Hitman 3
Going Big Mode on Hitman 3Ganger 2,5 millMåned siden
3:15TommyInnit STOLE MY TWEET (drama)
TommyInnit STOLE MY TWEET (drama)Ganger 1,6 millMåned siden
6:37Family Guy : The Videogame
Family Guy : The VideogameGanger 3,4 millMåned siden
10:22Dunkey's Best of 2020
Dunkey's Best of 2020Ganger 3,2 millMåned siden
0:15Super Mario Bros. 2 (dunkview)
Super Mario Bros. 2 (dunkview)Ganger 1,8 millMåned siden
4:17Mortal Kombat Clones
Mortal Kombat ClonesGanger 2,1 millMåned siden
5:53Mortal Kombat 4
Mortal Kombat 4Ganger 2,1 millMåned siden
4:48Mortal Kombat
Mortal KombatGanger 2,3 millMåned siden
3:23EPIC $50,000,000 GAMING COMPOUND
EPIC $50,000,000 GAMING COMPOUNDGanger 2,9 mill2 måneder siden
4:07Should you Buy the KFC Console?
Should you Buy the KFC Console?Ganger 3,6 mill2 måneder siden
3:37My Apology to Dream
My Apology to DreamGanger 3,2 mill2 måneder siden
9:02Cyberdunk 2077
Cyberdunk 2077Ganger 5 mill2 måneder siden
4:17Cybermage (dunkview)
Cybermage (dunkview)Ganger 1,9 mill2 måneder siden
5:29Funny Panda Sunday 🐼 [EPIC LAUGHS]
Funny Panda Sunday 🐼 [EPIC LAUGHS]Ganger 2 mill2 måneder siden
0:40Reacting to Reacting to the FAKEST GAMER EVER !?
6:09Playing AMONG US in ROBLOX ?!?!
Playing AMONG US in ROBLOX ?!?!Ganger 2,2 mill2 måneder siden
4:34Minecraft Gun Speedrun (I SHOT THE ENDER DRAGON)
2:58I'm Done with Among Us Tuesdays
I'm Done with Among Us TuesdaysGanger 2,4 mill2 måneder siden
2:04I Made a $1,000,000 Among Us 1v1 Tournament
I Made a $1,000,000 Among Us 1v1 TournamentGanger 2,4 mill2 måneder siden
5:18Minecraft but Donkey Kongs STEALS my DIAMONDS?!
0:39Reacting to the FAKEST GAMER EVER !?
Reacting to the FAKEST GAMER EVER !?Ganger 3,6 mill3 måneder siden
5:34I'm Done Making Good Videos
I'm Done Making Good VideosGanger 4,6 mill3 måneder siden
8:34Demon's Dunk Souls Remastered
Demon's Dunk Souls RemasteredGanger 3,2 mill3 måneder siden


  • Dunkey promising to make shit content, has made the absolute cream of the crop content to surface.

  • The studio that makes Knack shuting down is the worst thing that has happened this and last year.

  • Can you do a review on pong

  • Where is Ape Escape 4, Sony? wtf?

  • “FROM SOFTWARE these guys are going... *lowers shades* _BESERK_

  • I didn't even realize he called it 'CyberDunk 2077' and added 'Niko It's Roman! Let's go bowling' in the video.

  • The FF Battle Royale game could actually be a big hit down here in South East Asia. Consoles here aren't popular and PC games are sometimes mildly popular, but mobile games are big hits. I suspect that there are many emerging / developing economies that aren't being properly tapped by the big consoles.

  • I can’t believe Bill from The Last of Us is gay

  • 1:57

  • the down fall of square enix is just begining

  • I cracked😂. The humor was so unique and yet so simple.

  • I’m sad to hear dunkey shot himself three times in the head the day after 😔

  • I think dunkey got it right with that march 2023 release month of elden ring

  • If you cheat ehy are you palying 😀


  • gotta disagree half life alyx was good

  • fucking harrowing

  • did i write this.

  • shadow mingas son of jingas

  • Can someone please tell me from what game is the first clip

  • I lie how the music is all WWF No Mercy

  • This reminds me of the one South Park episode white rabbit club for men

  • Dishonored was great

  • Donkey Kong locks up At his impending doom

  • I didn't play the game but I love watching people yell at each other about it

  • its like when kids play with toys and make up stories on the spot. Nooooo neeeveeeeeeeeer

  • Guys listen if we get enough likes we can get him to play Tokyo Jungle

  • Man, I hate video games.

  • You didn’t need to come for dishonored like that 😭

  • designed by twitch chat lmao

  • Calling it the Fuckster level is genius

  • Why didn’t they call it SP5?

  • The Patriots? Tom Brady was one of those guys but then he became a pirate. Dunkey must secretly be a patriot to know this. The only man that could possibly match dunkey cognitive abilities is Bill belichick. Bill belickick is secretary Donald trump. Dunkey 2024

  • what if that kid watches this vid and destroys his computer.

  • I got back into league about 2 months ago. I tried it back in high school, but I never quite figured out how mobas worked. Now that I do, I figured I might as well give it another shot, and so I did. For the first month and a bit, it was great! I ended up maining Pantheon, and was able to play him as basically any role (except adc), and I was having an absolute blast! But then when I started getting into a higher elo, I slowly realized that in-game performance has absolutely nothing to do with practice and skill; it’s all about selecting the champion that’s more unbalanced than anybody else. If ever I went up against a Vayne, Irellia, Darius, Fizz, Rengar, Teemo, Udyr, or Swain, and I didn’t have one of those champs on my team, then I already knew that the game was over. Earlier today I was in a game against a top lane Teemo and an ADC Yasuo, and I was playing Pantheon Jungle, against Mundo, so you can probably already tell that the game was frustrating. I couldn’t gank top because Teemo kept spamming his mushrooms at every possible point where I could’ve come from, and bot lane was a hassle because Yasuo and Mundo would just gang up on me whenever I ganked. I already knew that the game was over when we lost our middle turret and the top and bot lanes were at half health while the enemy’s turrets were comply untouched, but my teammates refused to ff saying that we could “come back” when we were 5/15 at 10 minutes. So I left mid-game, and probably got banned. Which is fine by me.

  • This looks boring as fuck to watch. Let alone play. No offense.

  • banana

  • And now this shit is in Smash.

  • Jak 4 and Ape Escape.. I love you.

  • * When the funny kid tries to get serious *